Peasy Gloves Crochet Pattern

peasy fingerless gloves

As the title suggests, these gloves are super-easy-peasy. So easy, in fact, that I wonder if a pattern is even necessary. And here is why they’re peasy:

  1. They’re made from the top down (fingers to elbow), so you can easily make them as long or short as you’d like.
  2. You only use one stitch (well, two if you count the chain).
  3. No decreases.
  4. They’re very unisex, so they’re easy for gift-giving.
  5. They’re made in the round, so no sewing and very little end-weaving.
  6. These gloves are infinitely customizable (edgings, appliques, color changes, yarn changes, etc.).
Anyway, I got some hints for some fingerless boy gloves. So I made some, and I thought I’d share the pattern with you, just in case you also needed some quick fingerless gloves. Directions are given for regular and slightly bigger (in parentheses). The regular size fits me a teensy bit large and Nicky’s man hands just about right. You will need to know chain, half double crochet, and slip stitch.
peasy fingerless gloves

Peasy Gloves:

With 5.5mm (I) hook and 4-ply worsted yarn, chain 22 (24). Join to first chain with a slip stitch, being careful not to twist chain.
Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as first hdc, now and throughout). Hdc in each ch around. Join with sl st to first ch 2. [22 (24) hdc]
Rounds 2-5: Ch 2. Hdc in each st around. Join with sl st to first ch 2. [22 (24) hdc]
You can make the palm area longer by adding one or two more rounds like this here.
Round 6: Ch 2. Hdc in next 8 (9) sts. Ch 4, sk next 4 sts. Hdc in remaining 9 (10) sts. Join with sl st to first ch 2. [18 (20) hdc, 1 ch 4 spc]
Round 7: Ch 2. Hdc in next 8 (9) sts. 4 hdc in ch 4 spc. Hdc in remaining 9 (10) sts. [22 (24) hdc]
Rounds 8 & beyond: Ch 2. Hdc in each st around. Join with sl st to first ch 2. [22 (24) hdc]
When your gloves are as long as you want them, join your last round, finish off, and weave in your ends. Depending on your tension, you may want to go even bigger – just add more chains at the start. I made mine 15 rounds long. Leave as is, or add an applique or edging. I’m liking these:

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      1. I understand, but I have a similar patter to yours, but it moves from wrist to fingers. I’m looking forward to trying your pattern and using some of the decorations you suggested.

  1. Don’t feel bad it is not only a pattern but an awesome idea. Sure there is other fingerless mitts/gloves out there but you made them super simple. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the pattern. I love that yours is made in the round. I’ve been doing other kinds of wristers but I didn’t like that I had to seam the edges together at the end of it. Hope to make this in the next couple of weeks. I’ll most likely add this to my collection of patterns I will frequently use. Thanks again!

  3. Hi! New to your blog from Caleligh’s Clips and Crochet Creations 🙂 – Just wanted to tell you thank you for linking up to my sock monkey and owl appliqués! Great work on the gloves too!

  4. Thanls for the pattern! I am a begginer crochet fanatic, so the fact that you only use a few stitches( slip stitch, chain, and hdc) makes it so much simpler.

  5. I LOVE the yarn-very edgy. Do you know the brand/color? I’ve only been crocheting a few months and this is simple enough for me to complete. I promised someone fingerless gloves for Christmas. She’ll be getting a pair from this pattern. Thanks so much for the easy peasy pattern and the photos!

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! I don’t know the exact yarn I used — it was some I’ve had in my stash for several years, and it didn’t have a label anymore. I’m guessing it was a Red Heart Super Saver kind, though. It feels to be an acrylic or acrylic blend.

  6. I modified the pattern to fit my very small 12 yo boy. He wanted them more fitted, like a sparring glove or something. This was a great base to start with, thanks!

  7. Wow! Thank you for this pattern! I just made my first pair and everyone wants some now! I bet I know what they are getting for Christmas!

    I would love to send you a pic. I even made a little applique star to sew on top.

    Thanks again,

  8. I’ve been looking recently for easy patterns for these gloves. Your’s is super easy and so pretty with my sparkle yarn!! Yay for easy Christmas presents too. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Love these! I did some modifications and added ribbing around the cuff and extended it a bit… needless to say my hands are a lot warmer waiting on the bus in the morning! Thank you for this!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been working on another pattern for over a year, FYI Im a beginner, and have ripped it out so many times it is ridiculous. I whipped one glove up last night in 2 hours. My husband said to me, you are still working on them?! LOL Thank you so much for the super easy peasy pattern. Even dummies like me can do it. I did make them a little longer on the wrists. That is the best part, I can just add to it and not screw anything up! Thanks again.

    1. Denise, I’m so happy to hear that! And, BTW, if there are any tutorials that you are wanting/needing or anything you are stuck on, let me know — maybe I can post something that will help you move from beginner to beyond!

  11. That is so sweet, thank you so much. I will definitely keep it in mind. I am working at whipping these out. I have made 3 different colors already and I have friends asking me to make them! LOL Love them. Thanks again.

      1. I knew the 1 chain and figured 4 spaces…. But it made no sense being there, do i chain 4 or do i hdc then chain 1 hdc ch 1 hdc ch1 hdc ch 1?

        1. I’m guessing you are referring to the count at the end of round 6 ( [18 (20) hdc, 1 ch 4 spc] ). These are not instructions, just a guide to tell you how many and what stitches should be there. At the end of round six, there should be 18 (or 20, depending on the size you chose) hdc and one chain four space (1 ch 4 spc). There are not 4 chain ones — just one long space that is made of a chain 4.

          In round six, you make a chain four, and skip four stitches from the row below. This makes a hole for your thumb. You are making one stitch in each stitch below, except for the chain four/skip 4.

          1. Ok will try it again… Line 7 thru me off because it mentioned the 4 spc again… I changed the size because its for my 10 yr old so maybe its all off in count. I will keep you posted. Thx

          2. When you get to round 7, the chain 4 space will be in the round below (round 6). You will need to work stitches around this chain 4 space. You will make a hdc in each stitch, and 4 hdc in the ch 4 space.

  12. I made these as Christmas presents this year. They were a hit, and now I have people asking if i can make them a pair. Thanks for this wonderfully easy pattern!!

  13. This pattern is awesome. I am going to sit down and try to make a pair tonight. I was wondering if you might have a pattern for a pair of fliptop gloves that I could adapt to this pattern as well?

  14. This is an awesome pattern. I just don’t know how to reverse the pattern for the 2nd hand…as there is a ‘seam’.

    1. Hi, Jeanne!
      There is no need to reverse the pattern. Because it is made in the round (there’s no seam sewing), the gloves are ambidextrous. If you find that there is too much of a “gap” where you join rounds, simply make a chain 2 AND a hdc in the first stitch as you start a round — then when you join the rounds, join in the top of the first hdc rather than the chain 2. This will make the beginning chain 2 act as a sort of “plug” to cover up any gaps.

      I hope this makes sense — let me know how it goes!

    2. I noticed that you need to really keep an eye on the next row so your “seam” is straight, try to make the “seam” on the exact opposite side as the thumb hole… I can make these now in about 1.5 hrs… my issue is making the correct size for the person’s hand.. or if I want to change the yarn to thinner or thinker… love the item

  15. Made a pair of these (my first gloves of any kind) and even used a very similar yarn to the one pictured. They came out great! I made my husband model them for my blog where I mentioned your blog and posted a link to this page.

    I’ve been knitting and crocheting for the homeless in my area (a friend got me into it) and I know these will not only be warm but stylish, too!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

      1. No, I have a friend who started a program called The Humble Stitch Project. ( Last year I made some items and then sent them to The Humble Stitch to distribute to the homeless. They need hats, scarves and gloves. The HS is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Believe it or not, it can get really cold there. 😀 I have another friend (where I live – central Florida) who knits and wanted to help out. She told some co-workers and we banded together to start knitting and crocheting squares for Knit A Square (, a project that The Humble Stitch mentions on their web page and also participates in helping. You knit or crochet 8 by 8 inch squares that are then made into blankets for Orphans from AIDS in South Africa. It takes 60 squares to make one blanket. My group made just over 100 squares during December and the first week of January that we sent to Knit A Square.

        The Humble Stitch also accepts squares for Knit A Square along with finished items or donations of yarn. The squares are great because you can use left-over yarn that you may have from other projects. I have several posts about this on my blog – Freeze-Frame located here:

        Thanks again for your wonderful pattern!

        Lee Ann

  16. What type of yarn did you use for these gloves? I made a pair with Red Heart Super Saver and a size I hook and mine seem to show alot of holes, where yours do not. So I was wondering if you could tell me what brand you used? I love the way yours turned out!

    Thank You,

    1. Hi, Catisha! I also used a Red Heart yarn. This could just be a matter of our differing tensions. Are your holes all over, or just where you join the rounds? If it’s just where you’re joining, you can add a hdc in the first stitch of each round — where your ch 2 is — to help “plug” that hole. Just be sure you’re not increasing a stitch each round. So, you’ll join, ch 2, hdc in same st. Then when you join, join in the top of the hdc instead of the chain (in this case, your chain will not count as your first hdc) — the chain will help cover the hole. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi, Erica! I believe you’re having the same issue as Catisha — see the response above! This is a common problem, and I should probably do a tute for this trick . . . to be continued!

  17. Thank you for the reply! I purchased the black fleck in the Red Heart, and even though it’s the same weight as the red heart solids, it seems to be working out better. I am not seeing the holes as I did with the solid colors. Thank again!


  18. Hi just about to start this awesome pattern but i’m in the uk so the stitches are different i believe? so, is this pattern in us terms?

  19. Thanks for this pattern! I’ve had it in my Ravelry library since last winter and couldn’t wait to start these for this winter! Finished first glove of the pair and couldn’t be more excited how nicley these are going to be! I see these becoming gifts as well! Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Heidi… Delivered the gloves at the office party today!!!! Truly the hit of the party! I’d love to share apictire with you, where can I send it?

  20. Thanks! I’m a beginner and this looks both nice and easy enough 🙂 I’m still learning stitches so perhaps a link on how to do a hdc will help other beginners too!

  21. these are great gloves but i think im slip stitching in the wrong spot because my gloves are shrinking as i go along

  22. Hiya!! I’m really excited about joining this blog, but not very technical at all, so hope I’m doing this right. lol. I can’t seem to find how much yarn I need.. could you tell me please?

      1. You can probably get 2-3 pairs of one regular sized skein of yarn. I have used the “dishcloth” yarn and gotten 2 pairs out of that so it does not take a whole lot of yarn. Very easy to make.

  23. What is the gauge supposed to be? I’m very very new to crocheting, and I’ve been told I should always do a gauge check swatch before I start the project, so that I can tell if I’m doing it too tightly or too loosely.

    This pattern looks amazing and I’d love to make it for a friend! Thank you!

    1. Briana,
      I have a confession to make. I almost never check my gauge. And that’s why I almost exclusively make patterns in which gauge doesn’t really matter. I can measure these when I get home, if you’d like. It seems as though the smaller size fits most, though, especially because the yarn has some give and stretch.

      1. Oh! That’s fine! I shall commence with my experimenting. 😀 If it turned out well without needing a gauge I think I’ll be okay. I seem to be getting better at not doing things too tightly. Thank you for the reply!

  24. Hi
    Thanks so much for this pattern. Really easy to follow and do. I’ve made some for my mum for Christmas. I was hoping to make a matching hat- any chance you have a pattern with the same stitches in it?

    1. No, I don’t. However, it would be really easy to find something on Ravelry! Also, as long as the yarn colors are the same, I think any matching (in color) hat would be great!

  25. LOVE this pattern!!!! I’m new to crocheting (6 months) and I have tried so many different patterns only to be disappointed, but this pattern is GREAT….Found your pattern on Ravelry. THANK YOU!!

  26. Hey! Just wondering if the start is at the wrists or the knuckles… I’m sort of new to crochet and I can’t really tell. Please reply soon! (I’m making this for my sister for her birthday next week!)

  27. Hi, I am still a bit of a novice at crochet. While taking on this project, it seems that the glove is gradually widening with the rows. I’ve completed the palm portion and it fits like a glove, but I want to make the glove arm-length without the finished project looking like a big cone. Any tips to avoid increasing with the continued rows?

    1. Sounds like you are accidentally adding a stitch/stitches as you go. Make sure you are counting the ch2 at the start of each round as your first hdc, and count your stitches at the end of each round, making sure you have the same amount every time!

  28. One more question am I supposed to chain 2 after every slip stitch (at the end of the “row” per say) I was which I thought was making it too large so I stopped but there still too big.

    1. Yes, chain 2 at the start of every round. This counts as your first hdc for every round.

      To make the size smaller do one or both of the following: use a smaller hook, start with less chain stitches. Make sure you count the stitches at the end of every round, making sure they are the same every time.

  29. I was looking for fingerless gloves to make for my granddaughter. These made up so quickly and are so warm everyone is getting them in their stockings. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I love it and will make them again and again!

  30. I’m gonna make a pair of these as soon as my yarn order arrives – i ordered sock yarn though, thought they’re be good for gloves, so i guess i got some adapting to do 😉

  31. I’m very new to crocheting……..can you please tell me how to join the sl st after the hdc?

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