Patterns & Tutorials


Magic Circle Start

Two Ways to Start a Circle

Join-As-You-Go Method for Joining Motifs

How to Write a Crochet Pattern: Intro, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5
Entire printable PDF, “How to Write a Crochet Pattern,” here

Broomstick Lace

Broomstick Lace: Working with a Lifeline

Starting a Border on Broomstick Lace

Daisy Blanket Diagram

Crochet and Embroidery Covered Rocks: Part One, Two, Three, Four

Bridging a Gap When Joining Rounds


Crochet Patterns & Tutorials

Matching Scalloped Hat & Scarf

Crochet Garlands

Crochet Bow Headbands

Bobble-licious Bag

Puff Flower Hexagon & Half Hex Motif

Hex Bag

Snowflake Trivet

Sunrise Motif

Crochet Bike Streamers

Flower Trivet

Chain Link Motif

Vintage Daisy Motif

Sprocket Motif 

Crochet Votive Holder

Granny Square Bracelet

Crochet Edged Greeting Cards

Crochet Hibiscus Flowers

Peasy Gloves

Tiny Pear Necklace

Broomstick Lace Collar (or scarf)

Little Skull and Crossbones

Infinity and Beyond Broomstick Lace Scarf

Speed of Light Cowl

Shells and Shells Mini-Tote

Thread & Beads Infinity Scarf

Sunburst Hexagon Motif

Simple Man Convertible Cowl

Big Puff Stitch Flower Motif

Crochet Covered Bedside Lamps

Multi-media Infinity Scarf

Crochet Motif with a Fabric Yo-yo Center and Fill-in Lace

Link Love Shoulder Bag

Set of Four Glass Cozies

Bow Clutch


Printables & Downloads

Little Deer Favor Box

Snowflake Favor Box

Hawaiian Favor Box

Gingham Heart Favor Box

Reindeer Food Label

Jackpot Card

Be My Swee-tea Tea Tags & Box

Mix Tape Packaging

I Only Have Eyes for You Labels

Wilderness Favor Box Set

Dots & Stripes Favor Boxes

Double Dutch Birds Favor Boxes

Fort Kit Tag

Monster Tea Tags

Be My Honey Gift Set


Embroidery Patterns

Finding Your Way Embroidery Pattern

Bandit the Raccoon Embroidery Pattern

Scuba Embroidery Pattern

Anchor Me Embroidery Pattern

Fawn Embroidery Pattern

Friends Embroidery Pattern

Love You Forever Embroidery Pattern

Summer Coats Embroidery Pattern


Crafts & Miscellaney

BFF Puzzle Necklace

Warm and Gentle Fuzzies

You + Me Tree


Over(ly)-Easy Pincushion

Creep-Deterring Computer Mask

Castle and Clouds Pumpkin Carving Template

Pick Your Poison Pumpkin Carving Template

Driftwood Mobile

How to Make Tissue Paper Poms: Large, Medium, Small

How to Tint Jars

Kid Crafts

Painting with Babies