How to Write a Crochet Pattern: Intro

how to write a crochet pattern intro

Here’s an Intro to my Intro, and I’ll keep this brief and non-emotional:

A few years ago, I wrote a guest post over at about how to write a crochet pattern, and it was one of my more popular posts. While I knew WhipUp would stop being updated in 2013, I thought it would still remain online (it didn’t).

A handful of people have asked that I re-post this article here, and now that this guest post is no longer accessible (not even to me), I have been working hard to get this going again.

Intro Two

I have put as much detail into “How to Write a Crochet Pattern” as I think is necessary to get you started, and I’ll be splitting this into a five or six part series here, to keep it a bit more manageable. Nice, bite-sized chunks:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Fleshing Out the Idea
  3. Making the Piece
  4. Final Pattern Production
  5. Now What?

If you want to see the whole thing right away, here is a PDF (with clickable links) for instant download! This is text-only, to help save your printer. AND, it has some extras I won’t be sharing here.

Now, let me say a few things about crochet pattern-making.

First, I do not think you need to be an expert crocheter to write a pattern. Yes, it helps to have lots of experience, but it can also hinder. A true beginner may be able to write a true “beginner level” pattern. When you are a beginner, you are acutely aware of what you need to know from a pattern, what will help you with your pattern, and you’ll know how to speak to a newbie crocheter. It can’t hurt to try your hand at it! Even if you are pretty new, give it a shot.

Like anything, writing a crochet pattern is a learning experience. Writing a pattern will help you become better at understanding other crochet patterns! It will also make you a stronger crocheter in general.

Finally, don’t be intimidated! Try your hand at pattern-writing and keep it for yourself. You don’t have to sell your pattern or publish it publicly. This is actually how I got started writing patterns. A million years ago (just kidding, like, eight years ago), I sold physical crochet items in my Etsy store. I needed to keep a real record of what I was making, so I could replicate it again. This meant writing patterns for myself.

Summing Up:

Get the entire printable PDF for How to Write a Crochet Pattern here. It’s only four bucks, has tons of links, zero photos, a few extras, and lots of love! This is a great reference to have on-hand.

Read along right here! I’ll update once a week or more. How to Write a Crochet Pattern:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Fleshing Out the Idea
  3. Making the Piece
  4. Final Pattern Production
  5. Now What?

2 thoughts on “How to Write a Crochet Pattern: Intro

  1. smart and handy and generous of you to make an share this.
    I’m a dutch girl and writing in an other langues a pattern of mine is allways difficult.
    As well because in some parts of the world they using other words for the same stich or measurments.
    Like heating as well.LOL
    But by the help of a very kind uk friend i have got a big help by translating those things for two of those other abbs and mesurments.
    thank you for your sharing.

    1. Ah! I can’t imagine writing a pattern in another language! Just working off a UK pattern gets tricky for me 🙂
      You are very talented!

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