Free Crochet Pattern: Multi-media Infinity Scarf

Whooo, it has been a while! I have been entrenched in an epic project – my biggest WIP to date – and that has been taking all of my time. In the rare spaces, I have been refinishing some furniture, making this hooded baby blanket for a friend (you can get the pattern here!), and whipping up some hat patterns for winter (coming soon!)(as soon as I find a hat model)(I hope that doesn’t end up being me).

And this scarf.

mixed media infinity scarf crochet pattern

I made a brown version of this scarf a couple winters ago for myself. Because it was for me only, and because it is SO easy, I never thought to write about it. But I love this thing – it’s my favorite. And I guess I’m not alone, because I get tons of compliments on it. So many, “you should make one of those for me.”

mixed media infinity scarf crochet pattern

Let me tell you, this scarf is super easy and fun to make. It’s also infinitely customizable. There are SO many possibilities for making this scarf your own that I almost called it the “Choose Your Own Adventure” scarf.

And you want to know what else? It’s also extremely forgiving. A little mistake here or there, a little imperfection, will blend right into this thing. No fuss, no muss!

endless customization + easy pattern + forgiving of mistakes = GREAT handmade gifts!

Let’s do this.

What You Need

2 skeins (5 oz, 81 yds each) of Lion Brand Hometown USA, or any similar super-bulky weight (6) yarn. Colors used here are Houston Cream and Key Lime.

Q (15.75mm) crochet hook

Large yarn needle

Long scraps of ribbon, lace, fabric, yarn, edgings, etc. (At least 68 inches long. Longer, if you are making a regular scarf with fringe).

Sewing needle

Sewing thread that matches your scraps

Stitch markers (optional, but recommended)

An implement to aid weaving (optional): large-ish crochet hook, yarn needle, safety pin, etc. I used a yarn needle for small ribbon, and an 8mm hook for weaving larger fabrics.

Pattern Notes

Beginning ch-2 counts as the first hdc of each row.

Pattern stitches are worked into the back loop only (BLO) throughout.

Check your stitch count frequently, to make sure each row has 10 sts (including beginning ch-2).

You may want to place stitch markers every two rows to help you keep count. But again, this pattern is forgiving!

For alternate options, see “Choose Your Own Adventure” below

mixed media infinity scarf crochet pattern

Multi-media Infinity Scarf Pattern

Finished scarf measures about 6 inches wide and 65 inches long/around.

Ch 11.

Row 1: Hdc in third ch from hook. Hdc in each remaining ch. (10 hdc)

Row 2: Ch 2 (counts as first hdc), turn. Hdc in BLO of next st. Hdc in BLO of each st across (working your last hdc in top of the starting ch from previous row). (10 hdc)

Rows 3 – 52: Repeat row 2.

For infinity scarf: cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing. Finish off. Sew ends of scarf together with the yarn tail, being careful not to twist scarf. Knot and weave in all ends.

Weave your ribbon/fabric/lace/other scraps back and front through the scarf stitches. No need for perfection! Once the scraps are woven, you can tighten/loosen and untwist them as preferred. Sew the start of each scrap securely to its matching end and cut off any excess. OR, just knot the scrap ends tightly and leave the ends hanging!

mixed media infinity scarf crochet pattern

Choose Your Own Adventure!

To make scarf longer, add rows in multiples of 2.

To make a “regular,” non-infinity scarf, just finish off and do not sew ends together (no need to leave an extra-long yarn tail for sewing). Weave scraps through stitches and leave extra at each end to knot for fringe.

Weave scraps both the long way and short way, leaving fringe or not.

Instead of weaving, you can thread scraps under the stitches every few rows. If choosing this option, I would recommend doing this on both sides of the scarf so there isn’t a “plain” side.

Using a lighter yarn and smaller hook, make some surface crochet along the stitches, working the long way.

For a very “Anthro” look, tear long, thin strips of fabric together to weave through. Knot ends of fabric together and leave the frays and ends hanging out.

Use fat braids of yarn for weaving through the stitches.

If making a “regular” scarf, sew three large-ish buttons along one end. This will give you the option to convert the scarf to an infinity scarf, too. The buttons should secure anywhere between stitches on the other side, a lot like this cowl.

Well, back to my gargantuan WIP! More on that soon . . . Later, gators!


11 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern: Multi-media Infinity Scarf

  1. Thanks for sharing such an awesome pattern. What a great idea to thread ribbons through. These would make a yummy addition to my winter wardrobe and I can see a mini version for my little daughter too. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Love, love, love! Why can’t there be more hooking time in each of my days! I absolutely love this pattern. I love that you mixed the cream and the lime green together. And the ribbons and lace woven in! Wonderful idea!!
    I would love to given this pattern a go soon.
    At what point did you switch colors? I would do maybe a third the alternate color, maybe?

    1. Good question about the colors. It’s not 50/50 — I just ran out of cream so I added green for the rest — I would guess I changed to green at about row 42 (so there are 10 rows of green)!

  3. I just whipped one of these up last night in black and gray with black trims and edging that I found on clearance at Michael’s. Love it and it was SO quick to make up! Thank you for a great pattern!!

  4. I posted a picture of completed scarf on The Crafternooner facebook page along with your pattern/blog post! Hope you get more traffic!! (it’s a very fun group of women showing off their WIPs and finished projects) ?

  5. little girl is still young enough that I get to dedice which hat to make (it was the rainbow hat this year), but my son dedices for himself what he wants, and it’s up to me to make it

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